About Us

About Pusa

Pwani University Students’ Association(PUSA) is a students’ body that is responsible in championing students’ rights and acts as a link between the students’ body and the administration. PUSA in regards to the current constitution led by a team of 7 elected members. The union is headed by The chairperson followed by the vice chairperson. The secretary general, Treasure, Organizing secretary, Gender and social welfare secretary and academic secretary also forms part of the PUSA elected members.


  • Olima-2011/2012
  • Were Ayub-2012/2013
  • Kenga-2013/2014
  • Steve Biko-2014/2015
  • Shoka Wilson-2015/2016
  • Haggai Kogo -2016/2017
  • Abner Aron Owuor 2017/2018

Current Pusa leaders

  • Abner Aron – Chairperson
  • Rachael Kavutha – vice chaireperson
  • Jadiel Mureithi – Treasurer
  • Mudaki Lomedi – Secretary General
  • Sanu salad – Academic secretary
  • Ian Maru – Sports $ entertainment
  • Joan Kanaiza – Gender and social welfare