PUSA is established for the purpose of promoting students’ rights and interests, nurturing and developing leadership skills, encouraging and promoting worthy traditions of social, cultural sports, arts and academic nature at the University. PUSA also seeks to create awareness of social responsibilities and encourage students to contribute to public affairs and to the University management. PUSA understands, and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by the rules and policies of Pwani University.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of this Constitution shall be: 

  1. To be an effective and efficient student association that will promote and be sensitive to students welfare, rights and interests in the University.  

  2. To promote co-existence in a diversified student community and maintain a culture unique to the identity of the University. 

  3. To seek and undertake representation and participation in the various organs of the University administration in issues related to members. 

  4. To encourage and promote worthy traditions of social, cultural, sports, arts and academic nature at the University.  

  5. To work in cooperation with other students’ organizations of other universities and establish friendly relations and understanding with other external organizations to the benefit of Pwani University students. 

  6. To promote sustainable environmental conservation.  

  7. To foster positive relationships with the general public through participation in the community service and development. 

  8. To develop and nurture leadership skills and talents among its members. 

  9. To advance equity and further the integration of persons with special needs.  

  10. To seek, enhance and maintain the freedom of conscience, expression, association, academic liberty and all the rights and privileges accruing to members by virtue of its humanity, age, status, sex, citizenship and any other relevant criteria.  

  11. To raise funds through any lawful means for purposes of achieving the aims and objectives of PUSA. 

  12. To carry out such other activities that may be incidental to achievement of the above objectives.