Students Services

  • Transport Services

The university currently has a fleet of vehicles to cater for transport services for students in academic trips/activities. Such transport is used during University Outreach programs.

  • Accomodation.

Although the university does not guarantee accommodation to students, through the dean's office it assists students to locate accommodation premises near the university with comfort, secure and affordable prices. To do this the offices works in conjunction with the students Union to maintain a list of the hostel service providers and their contacts.

  • Catering

Pwani University has a well furnished Dining Hall and Kitchen. The facility is being expanded in anticipation of the rising student population. The Kitchen provides quality meals at affordable prices. The services are offered on the basis of "pay as you eat" with transaction being done on ETR machines. The Students' Common Centre has been refurbished recently and fitted with modern entertainment facilities including Dstv and soft seats. This is where the indoor games facilities are located.

  • Students Common Centre

Plans are underway to build an Ultra-modern games and sports centre in near future.

  • Spiritual issues

The Dean's office also assists the various faith-based groups to offer their services to students and staff. These include, the Catholic students Association, the Christian Union, the Seventh Day Adventist, the Muslim students Association and the Pwani Christian Fellowship group. The dean's office ensures that the groups have the basic facilities to enable their Faithfull's to pursue their spiritual goals in their stay at the University.

  • Unions and Clubs

In maintain a strong link between the students and the administration is a student union, Pwani University Students Association (PUSA). Guided by it recently revised constitution PUSA in collaboration with the Dean of Students office cater for the welfare of the students. PUSA also links the students with the rest of the world in clubs or societies activities. PUSA is governed by a council elected every year and has full furnished council office. Clubs and Societies are registered to allow them function within the University. Students are encouraged to join the various clubs and societies or form new for the purpose of enhancing their academic and social well-being. Currently the registered clubs and societies fall under the following categories: Academic, Religious, Communal service, Recreational and Environmental


  • Internal Bursary

Each year the University sets aside funds to support needy students. The funds are spent to cater for tuition fees of students identified by the dean's office and the students union. To further support such cases the office works closely with guardians and sponsors to find solutions to assist needy students. The dean maintains a close contact with managers of various Constituency Development Funds in the country to sort out any emerging issue that my touches on the students support while on campus. The students union, PUSA works very closely with the dean of students to advance the issues of the general student's body. The union elects its leaders in a democratic process clearly spelt out in the constitution every new academic year. The elected leaders are taken through a thorough induction course to usher them into leadership.